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Project Searchlight (aka PSL)

Project Searchlight (PSL) is a 5-day conference for World Racers about a month after they have returned home from their epic journey. It’s a time of worship, squad reunions, and processing their 11-month whirlwind. But it is so much more than that. The true heart of PSL is to help these Racers continue to move forward on their own.




Project Searchlight, or PSL, is one of my absolute favorite things I get to participate in here at Adventures. As part of a 3-person team, I have the opportunity to serve new World Race alumni every few months. Our team crafts each event separately and allows the Holy Spirit to take over at any point. Our desire is to prepare these recently returned Racers and equip them for the rest of their life. We want to convey that the Race is not an isolate event and God is just as big here in America as he is all over the world.


We recognize the World Race opens up a person to be wrecked more than ever by the Holy Spirit. Those of us who have been on the Race know that the struggle doesn’t come from relating to country after country and then America but how to transition out of the World Race culture. The transition looks different for everyone and everyone is asking different questions.


At PSL we don’t guarantee answers or the 5-step solution to find the direction you need to go in for the rest of your life. Instead we invite these fresh-of-the-field Racers to spend 5 days listening to God and processing their past and their future. We create space for people to process, mourn, celebrate, and plan the next step. We believe you don’t need the big picture, but if you’re not active in continually improving you WILL find yourself stuck.


Behind the scenes everything is strategic: the speakers and their teaching points, the one-on-ones available, the videos showcased after breaks, even the down time available for napping, socializing, or networking. Everything is planned and covered in prayer and subject to change. I love working PSL because I see the thought and prayer go behind every decision and then I see the Holy Spirit show up and change everything. I feel like a stage manager – headset and clipboard included – watching the show come together from behind the curtain. I know the meetings, difficult decisions, last-minute changes, and prayers that went into the production and I can’t help but stand back, smile, and applaud.




To the Racers on the field now:  The truth is – the God of the Bible is the same God who showed up on the Race and is the same God who wants to show up at your apartment. The same God that split the Red Sea and led the Israelites through it is the same God that invited you on the Race and is the same God that will tell you your next step. Project Searchlight is more than a party but less than a roadmap for your life. It’s an opportunity to understand what you learned on the Race and learn how to apply those lessons to the rest of your life. Will you join us for a week and let us help you transition well?


  1. What a great post and really accurate representation of project searchlights purpose. I love your heart and how deeply intentional you are as a woman of god!

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